Alice stepped into Doernbecher Hospital the other day and a wave of emtions came flooding back. How is it that after 30 years these triggers can still come? For me, it’s the smell of hospitals that brings back memories so vividly.

Loss is so hard for years

My dear friend wrote this post to me. It’s so real and raw that I wanted to share it. The ache for a loved one is so very real.

I cried for a week straight, that deep groaning cry Alice described, the deep animalistic type that arises from the very depths of your soul. I cried this way until I fell asleep,…and sometimes at work and would have to excuse myself and would hide in a closet until I could collect myself enough to go back to my desk.
I had lost a huge part of myself,…and felt I would never again be the same…ever…
Several years went by, and I was numb to most things. I didn’t enjoy spending time with friends, birthdays and holidays weren’t the same. I didn’t Feel,…for I would say a good 4-5 years afterward. After that week of crying, I didn’t cry again, for years. It took a long time to realize that life was emotionally survivable without her…