Amazon Review

Thank you, Kara Becerra, for your personal and poignant review on Amazon Books:

“I started to read this book out of interest to the topic (though I have not myself lost a child), and I was amazed at how helpful this book has been for me in my own grieving process after losing my dad a couple of months ago. Though the book speaks specifically to dealing with the loss of a child, I feel like a lot of the book can be generalize to the grief in general. I also so grateful that I was able to learn about ways that I can support a friend or family member when they are experiencing the loss of a child or other family member. I have already bought several copies to share with family members and friends who have experienced the loss of a child. This book is informative yet to the point, which will make it a realistic read to someone who has experienced loss who may not have the time energy for too much information.”

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