Holidays are coming. Let the whirlwind of emotions begin.

How do we include our loved one who’s passed into our holiday traditions? Our family still hangs up my daughter s stocking. In fact this year I bought an angel stocking from Pottery Barn Kids. It was only $18 and it is so sweet. The angel happens to be a little blonde girl so I found it to works beautifully. Now, whenever we do a “good deed” we will write it on a piece of paper and put it in Taylor’s stocking. I have a little basket of paper and pens near the stockings to make it easy. It’s our gift to her to spread a little joy in her name.

Taylor always reminded me of a precious moments doll so now I have a precious moments angel on top my tree. I figure I’m not spending money on gifts for her so I can sure do these things to keep her alive.

Alice’s family will go to the grave site on Christmas and sing Christmas
carols. Beautiful idea!

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