Book Endorsements


“Few life events can match the tragedy and profound grief stemming from the loss of a child.  Nikki King and Alice Rampton have provided us with a book that is at once a moving tribute to their own loss and an inspirational guide to help others.”

John Saultz, MD, Professor and Chairman, Oregon Health Sciences University- Family Medicine, Portland, Oregon

“Finding Life After Losing One, with Nikki King and Alice Rampton, is tender, powerful, and wise. It brings light into the dark experience of losing a child, and shares personal, healing guidance for any who are bereaved and those who love and support them. Written by two mothers who have lived through a child’s death and learned powerful lessons about grief and grace, their book is a balm in Gilead and provides insightful, moving, and practical counsel on living with loss and finding wholeness after a child dies.”

Sean Brotherson, PhD, Professor and Bereavement Researcher, North Dakota State University, Fargo, North Dakota

“If you are looking at this book, you are going through unspeakable grief, or you know someone who is. What Nikki and Alice have written is a special gift, a book unlike any other. Its comfort, practical guidance, and inspiration come from their own suffering, and loss, and hope, and joy. Let them walk with you through grief, and help you find hope and joy again, in a way only those who have lost a child can truly understand.”

David Gregory, New York Times bestselling author of Dinner with a Perfect Stranger

“A moving, inspiring, and significant work to help parents cope with unimaginable grief after losing a child. Nikki King and Alice Rampton speak from heartfelt personal experience, offering hope and healing to those who are desperately seeking a measure of peace.”

DeAnne Flynn, Author of “The Time-Starved Family” and “The Mother’s Mite”

“Grief is an isolating experience.  Hearing from others who know grief and are willing to share the story of their ongoing journey through grief can be extremely helpful.   This book not only provides great information about the world of grief but also shares the experiences of several families that are in on the journey.   Hearing about what they have felt, and what they have learned can help those new to grief realize that they are not alone.”

Melissa Allen, Bereavement Coordinator, Benton Hospice Service, Corvallis, OR

“This was the first book we read after losing our young son Colton. It was very helpful to have our feelings validated and let us know that the pain, thoughts, fears and lows we were experiencing was normal. We would recommend it to other parents and family members who have experienced loss.”

Matthew and Amanda Smith, Parents of Colton and Clayton Smith

“In my work with families with critically ill children, I see families grieving the loss of a child when it is still fresh and raw and devastating.  I see the shock, the intense sadness, and the way each family grieves and copes in their own personal way.  I love Nikki and Alice’s book because it is the collective wisdom from so many families who have experienced the loss of a child. No family chooses this kind of loss, and each family story is unique, but I am thankful for those who have chosen to share their story with the rest of us.  May this book honor all of the children who are gone.”

Christy Burch, Guest Services Coordinator, Ronald McDonald House Charities of Oregon & S.W. Washington

Readers’ Reviews

“Thank you so much for the book- I began reading it right away. It has helped me understand all these crazy emotions and deep despair that have accompanied his passing. When I feel as though it will be impossible to move forward- the words in the book keep me going and give me hope. The pain is so unbearable at times but I know time will help heal.”

-Anonymous parent of a son who died of a suicidal drug overdose


“An extraordinarily honest sharing of loss, healing, and forever-remembering a child and death too soon. From the authors, a courageous openness regarding all the emotions, thoughts, and physical experiences surrounding the loss of a child and the journey to finding life once again. The book is a gift for other parents who have lost a child and a support as well as guide to professionals helping grieving parents. An important and sensitive narrative and discussion for parents who have lost a child and the others who stand nearby wanting to succor and strengthen in the most compassionate ways possible. Very highly recommended!”

Dr. Judith Norman, Professor Emeritus, Social Work

“As a retired counselor, I found this book to be very powerful, but at the same time, gently informative and validating. The authors and other contributing parents who have lost a child or adult child share how families grieve or process death of a loved one in many different ways. The readers will no longer feel so alone when they are offered an array of coping tools that may fit their own learning, behavioral, adaptation and spiritual styles. The chapters, ‘Friends & Family-How to Help’, ‘Support for Surviving Children’ and ‘Relationships Under Stress’ are particularly important in keeping family, extended family and friendships intact after their world has been blown onto an unmapped island that was not on their itinerary. And most of all, they offer hope and life after the unimaginable loss.”

Linda Bryson-Sago, Aurora, CO

“Co-authors Nikki King and Alice Rampton have written a moving and comprehensive handbook for all those affected by the death of a child – parents, siblings, extended family members, friends and neighbors. They both write from first hand experience, sharing their personal feelings and emotions while offering practical and helpful advice. Interviews with and quotes from a number of other parents who have faced the death of a child, be it a toddler, a teenager or an adult child, underscores the variety and range of experiences, emotions and consequences. The book makes it clear there is no easy formula, no “right way” to grieve or adjust to the death of a child, yet it offers extensive options and suggestions bound to be helpful, not only to those losing the child, but to those trying to help and support.
The authors have skillfully combined research based information on coping with the death of a child with lessons learned through personal experience, resulting in an engaging and enlightening read. I have already passed my copy on to someone whose child died recently – I give this book my heartfelt recommendation.”

Merrie Ziady, Retired Health Educator, Multnomah County, Portland, OR

“A moving and sensitively written book on a very difficult subject matter. I bought 5 copies and plan to give them to friends who have lost a child. Personally, I haven’t lost a child of my own, but it really helped me understand more deeply what it must be like and how I can be there for someone who has.”

Sara Egbert, parent, Albany, California

“I wanted to share this resource in case it is helpful to any parents out there who are dealing with or know someone who is dealing with a loss of a child. A dear family friend wrote this very touching and insightful book “Finding Life after Losing One”. Alice Rampton (co-author) was not only a mother of 7, but was a “second mom” to dozens more children growing up in our small town and this book is truly a gift to those in need. ”

—Sarah Garfunkel, Senior Marketing Manager, Brooklyn, New York

“This is the kind of book you hope never to need to read or share, yet I bought multiple copies because I know this can help those who have lost a child. “Finding Life After Losing One” shares stories that are heartfelt and tender. But it is also honest and practical, with perspectives from psychologists, literature, and other parents on how to cope with the loss of a child. While the perspective is shaped by the authors (both of whom lost a child), their views are joined by dozens of other parents who likewise experienced such loss. Those diverse experiences help grieving parents know they are not alone, and their responses are not somehow wrong or abnormal.”

—Lisa Halverson, Ph.D. candidate, Instructional Psychology and Technology, Springville, UT

I have not personally lost a child, but I cherish having a copy of this book. It is comforting to have the resources to help grieving parents if ever needed. Additionally, there is a chapter for friends and family on what to say/what not to say, what to do for/what not to do as a friend or family member which I found to be so helpful. It is a quick read but packed with invaluable information. I highly recommend!

—Jessica, RN, mother of two, El Paso, Texas

“This book is a very heart-felt and practical guide to losing a child. I loved how it is a collaboration of many parent’s stories, and real life, helpful guidance on what helped them. The two authors share their own stories at the beginning of the book helping the reader to instantly trust their motives and abilities in writing this type of book. They both lost a child, and their stories are real and raw. I personally have not gone through such an immense challenge but still truly appreciated this guide. It gave me a new perspective on how to help, and what to say when someone is going through such a tragedy. A powerful read, and I highly recommend it to anyone.”

—Rebecca, Health Professional, Parent, Medford, Oregon

“I started to read this book out of interest to the topic (though I have not myself lost a child), and I was amazed at how helpful this book has been for me in my own grieving process after losing my dad a couple of months ago. Though the book speaks specifically to dealing with the loss of a child, I feel like a lot of the book can be generalize to the grief in general. I also so grateful that I was able to learn about ways that I can support a friend or family member when they are experiencing the loss of a child or other family member. I have already bought several copies to share with family members and friends who have experienced the loss of a child. This book is informative yet to the point, which will make it a realistic read to someone who has experienced loss who may not have the time energy for too much information.


This book is both informative and healing. It can be used as a reference or how to guide for those who face the challenge of loss, and at the same time it is engaging and cathartic for those who hope to understand this process. It is written with pathos and wisdom. It is like having a knowing and compassionate hand to hold while walking the singular and wrenching path of loss. I bought 10 copies to share in my capacity as lay minister to the women in my congregation, and have already given two away. They have been marvelous tools for recovery and hope, written by women who know.”

—Mary Anne Cropper, Ashland, OR

“I received the book today. I sat down and couldn’t put it down, didn’t stop to eat or watch the TV. I was drawn to each page, event, and personal sharing. I can’t imagine how many people are going to be comforted and reassured that others understand their loss and pain. Brilliant book. It left me with so many emotions.”

—Cathy Giles