What’s in this book?

This book is a survival manual for parents and loved ones who have lost a child. It is not your typical book on grief management. This is written for parents by parents. There are places to write in the margins, add personal notes, or highlight tips to help with grief. It is for parents from all walks of life and those with various belief systems. Parents across the United States were interviewed who have experienced the death of a child. Their thoughts and suggestions are included each chapter. Some of their children lived only a few hours while others lived into their forties. Their deaths are as varied as their ages and the causes include accident, cancer, suicide, disease, and murder. There are a variety of subjects covered in the book including guilt, intimacy, emotional triggers, ways to memorialize your child, dealing with anger and regret, and healthy healing. Suggestions are included for friends and family members who want to offer appropriate support to those grieving. The reader will know they are not alone and that they can find purpose once again with a positive outlook. The authors speak from personal experience with loss and feel that the messages in the book will provide a sense of peace, comfort, purpose and a new fresh perspective on life.

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